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'Yellowbrick' satellite trackers were first used at the 2007 Adventure Racing World Championships in Scotland, and have since been used successfully at hundreds of events all over the world.

Improvements in satellite coverage, battery and antenna technology mean the new (version 3) units are half the size and twice as good as the original 'yellow bricks', with unmatched performance and functionality.

'Standard' Yellowbrick trackers have a host of features including use as a two way messaging device, setting pre-configured messages, Bluetooth and USB connections.

Yellowbricks solve many of the practical issues associated with other trackers.

  • Satellite coverage is by Iridium, the most comprehensive available, so they are truly global and coverage does not drop out.
  • The latest antenna are highly effective so they can be carried in backpacks.
  • They don't need to be reset daily by the teams carrying them, and battery life isn't a problem - they can last for 3 weeks transmitting every 15 minutes.
  • There are no complex button sequences for teams to press for messaging (or any buttons to press by mistake) and the emergency button is securely hidden until needed.
  • Organisers can set who receives any emergency messages and units can be controlled and monitored remotely.
  • Two way communications with race HQ is possible.
  • USB charging and data transfer (no need for separate chargers).

Yellowbricks were recently used at the Godzone Adventure Race in New Zealand, and here is what Race Director Warren Bates had to say about them.

"We were very happy with the performance of Yellowbrick. They worked in areas that are traditionally very hard to get signals out of and the teams just left them in their packs without worrying about them. After 5 days of racing, most of the teams still had 40% of their battery remaining which is pretty amazing.

The two-way communication was a great feature and allowed the Malaysian team the option to tell us they were lost. We instructed them to stay put and then sent someone in to lead them out, which saved us a lot of hassle (and cost).

The feedback we've had from the watching public has been immense and we're hearing all sorts of anecdotes of people sitting glued to the screen for hours on end. Without any advertising and minimal fuss we were able to get over half a million hits and had as many unique visitors on our website as the World Champs."

SleepMonsters has negotiated some exclusive deals with Yellowbrick.

Rentals : Events or individuals can benefit from a 5% discount in the cost of hiring YB3 trackers on a fixed price basis (inclusive of all satellite and administration costs), with web site hosting and full technical support included. (See the Godzone web page here as an example)

Purchases : Using the discount code SLEEPMONSTERS when purchasing either the YB3 Standard or Professional unit will result in a £50.00 discount in the price.

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