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Jon Sutcliffe
Gods of Thunder, Geolicious, Fire Ice Dynamite & Holmsey, The Pohmsphoto
Jon or God#1
Cartographer (SutMap) & Housing Manager (Community Hsg)
Todmorden, UK & Toowong QLD
Queensland Australia
Supported my partner Thor from the sidelines over a few years whilst in UK, but have now become hooked. I've been competing (and organising/drawing maps) at orienteering and mountain marathons since the mid 70s & needed a change & new challenge. Now I have over 15 AR races under my belt plus several as a volunteer/official, and I have a big year ahead.
A great sport with nice people & opportunities to visit remote parts of Australia (or the World).
Anything involving water
1. To have fun & 2. finish an XPD in a competitive team
TEVA challenges - especially the Jungle Warfare thing at Teva Champs 2006
Finishing XPD Ed3 with Latitude19 & The Squirrels (unranked)
Bogging the support vehicle at Red Yeti Portland '06 & being rescued by the team
1st male team, 3rd overall Teva Brisbane 2006 (The Pohms)
1st male team, 3rd overall Teva Brisbane 2007 (The Pohms)
39th, World Rogaining Champs (24hr) NSW, 2006
7th Australian Rogaining Champs (24hr) Alice Springs 2007
1st Victorian Rogaining Champs (24hr) Melbourne 2007
ARQ Series 2008 incl Hells Bells
GeoQuest Jun 2008 (hopefully)
World Rogaining Champs 2008, Estonia
XPD Ed4, Nov 2008 (if I find a team)
GeoQuest 07 or Aus Rogaining Champs 07 in Alice
The map
Push organisers for better maps - & keep me in work!