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Andrew Fairhurst
Current teamRace the Rockiesphoto
Home townCrowsnest Pass
CountryPlease Select Canada
I love the sport- it's a great way to get out and enjoy some beautiful areas with great friends.

Also a RD for:
Best AR disciplineMountain Biking/ Running
Worst AR disciplinePaddling
AR ambitionsTo race competitively amongst great teammates
AR bugbearSleepmonsters
AR best momentWhen the weather sets in badly and all you can do is laugh and love it!
AR worst momentThere are no worst moments when you are outside playing!
My AR best resultsFMIJ - 1st Place 2001, 2003 2nd Place 2000, 3rd Place 2006
Canadian Death Race- 1st Place Male Solo- 2005
2009 24 Hours of Adrenaline World Solo Championships 1st Place (30-34) 11th overall
Trans Rockies 7 Day Bike Race- 9th Place Team
Coast to Coast- Costa Rica 2008- 4th Place
Favourite AR raceFMIJ
Favourite piece of kitMy bike
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