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Jodie Smith (Ward)
Current teamedbikes (Yorkshire)photo
Alias (known as)Jodes
OccupationBusiness Analyst
Home townThorpe Willoughby
CountryYorkshire UK
I love adventure racing, mountain biking, running, snowboarding and climbing. In fact anything to get the pulse racing. Still a novice but thanks to friendly competitors and organisers getting there slowly! Best advice I have been given is take it slowly and even the best AR people are always learning.

Currently training for Open Adventure 2 day race plus Brighton Marathon.
Best AR disciplineRunning
Worst AR disciplineClimbing
AR ambitionsAdidas Terrex Coast 2 Coast
AR bugbearBeing skint, having to buy loads of expensive kit. I have to patch everything!
AR best momentFinishing my first adventure race and not doing a bad job.
AR worst momentBusting my knee Ghyll scrambling
My AR best resultsVarious Mountain Hardware Open5 Series 2009
Various Mountain Hardware Open5 Series 2012
Loch Ness Marathon
Various Hagloffs Open5 Series 2010
Various Hagloffs Open5 Series 2011
My next AR eventsLakeland Trails
Open Adventure various events
Favourite AR raceOpen Adventure - brilli
Favourite piece of kitMy custom built edbikes Surly Troll mountain bike
Advice(tip) for other racersPace yourself. It never works for me if I go off to quick.
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