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Nicky Meredith
Current teamKen and Barbie / Cluelessphoto
Alias (known as)Nicky
CountryNorthern Ireland UK
I only started AR in 2007 and have got hooked-Just competed in The Beast Of Ballyhoura and loved every minute of it. Cant wait for next year. Would be nice to improve my fitness, but i would say my fitness levels at the mo are pretty good. I want to learn more kayaking skills, as i tend to splash poor Ken too much....
Best AR disciplineRunning
Worst AR disciplineKayaking-I tend to splash Ken too much !!
AR ambitionsTo compete in loads more AR
AR best momentCompleting the 2009 Beast of Ballyhoura-36 Hours.
AR worst momentGetting wet and cold - which is every time I race!!
My AR best resultsMy Bro-in Law and I won the CCAR Mixed team
Catagory in 2008.
My next AR eventsMaybe WAR, Cooley Legends 1/2 marathon,
Diamond Quest on 15/5/2010 to name a few...There are
plenty to chooce from this year.I must get my finger out.
Favourite AR raceBeast Of Ballyhoura and CCAR Series
Favourite piece of kitMy new MARIN bike.
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