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Adam Haynes
Gwynedd, UK
Having been racing for a number of years I have found the commitment quite demanding and the motivation lacking a bit at times. However I have been fortunate enough to have been able to do a couple of races with my eldest son and this has certainly re-kindled both enthusiasm and commitment. This has combined with support and encouragement from Stuart Hale and team Accelerate.
Running /cycling and rope activities
Anything to do with swimming, I hate cold water!
Keep going without injuries
Awkward route choices. Routes said to be marked then no marker tape appears.
Moments, generally working with other people toward a common goal.
Frustration of losing 1/2 hour in a race due to bad marking of a route which was supposed to have been clearly taped and thus losing 3rd place.
2nd Salomon race in Japan 2001
2nd in 24hr salomon in Wales 2001
1st in salomon in wales 2002
2nd in KIMM elite Brecon Beacons in the 90s
2nd male pair with my son in the Open 5 at Malham 2006
open 5 Nov 2006
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