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The Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge - (21 Aug) -
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Three Times a WinnerThree Times a Winner
Richard Ussher recounts his team's win in the recent Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge ...

The Kiwis Triumph The Kiwis Triumph
Richard Ussher and his team Qasr Al Sarab have won the third edition of the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge in 46:19 and another kiwi team comes in second in this difficult stage race.

Riding the Storm Out Riding the Storm Out
An unexpected sand storm made the mountain biking section along the border of Oman that much harder as teams fought their way through the shifting sands.

Penalties Ensure a Close Race For SecondPenalties Ensure a Close Race For Second
Three small penalties for the second placed team are keeping the race for the podium positions close ...

Dune TalkDune Talk
Sitting in the shade near the finish, the shattered teams shared some thoughts on their exhausting desert adventure ...

Day 4  The Dunes Draw Teams Together      Day 4 The Dunes Draw Teams Together
Since early yesterday morning, the teams have been struggling against the relentless heat and endless dunes of the Rub Al Khali ...

Wild Goose ChaseWild Goose Chase
Vibram Sport 2000 has moved into third place and part of the international press missed all of todays' action as they were stranded in the desert.

Getting down to the nitty grittyGetting down to the nitty gritty
Rub Al Khali or the Empty Quarter, was the backdrop for this soul destroying 120km desert orienteering section. Vast expanses, high dunes and sand that seeped into every orifice challenged the mettle of the racers.

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