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2006 North Chick Greenway Challenge
(20 Aug)
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4th Greenway Challege in the Books

4th Greenway Challege in the Books

On Saturday May 13 the North Chick Greenway Challenge was held in Chattanooga, TN. This year the race had a Jerry Seinfeld theme to stir the racers imagination. Once again the race sold out with 50 teams from 7 states competing for bragging rights. This year some of the power teams from the United States came for the fun, Enduraventure, Team Mighty Dog, Litespeed /Inov-8 Dancing Around the Festivus Pole and Snickers Marathon to name a few.

The weather was beautiful and racers started arriving at Greenway Farm anticipating the 0900 start, after a mandatory pre-race briefing 1 member from each team lined up for the start. The race began with a Mystery Event, Soup Nazi. Teams picked up a small pail with instructions of what ingredients they were to collect. Not each list was the same so following the team next to you was NOT a good idea.

Once teams had collected their ingredients and been checked out by a race volunteer they could begin the first of two runs in the race. Once the run was completed teams found themselves back at the Start/Finish/Transition Area to switch to their bikes. Teams then completed a beautiful ride and contemplated what awaited them. As soon as teams had racked their bikes they moved into the second Mystery Event, The Silder. In this event teams divided into two member’s blind-folded together at the ankle. The other member was the eyes for the team. The Eyes had to navigate the hobbled member through a short maze, problem, they could not touch the sides, and through a 26” bike tire at the end. Once out of the maze teams ran to the canoe staging area to begin the Paddle section.

From the Paddle take-out teams began the second Running section with the stipulation that they had to keep their PFD’s. The reason for this was soon apparent as they came upon the third Mystery Event, Marine Biologist. In this event teams were given two inner tubes, two bungee cords and two pieces of PVC tube, the first two to make a craft for all three members to float on and the third to propel their craft. Teams were not allowed to propel the tubes by using their hands or feet but had the option of running back to the canoe take-out and retrieving their paddles, several took this option. When they hit the water teams paddled out to the far ends of the quarry and collected two golf balls.

When the teams had collected the golf balls they were directed out of the quarry to begin their second Running section of the race. This was not just a running section as in the middle the Rope Section awaited them. In the Ropes section teams performed balance test and completed a wall climb.

After the Ropes section teams completed the run and arrived back at the S/F/TA with their last Mystery Event. “Bring Steinbrenner His Calzone” pitted teams against a ball and gravity. Teams were given a ball, 1 PVC union joint and 3 pieces of taped rope. Only touching the rope on the taped areas teams had to move the ball a set distance, without kicking or throwing.

Once done with the calzone teams began their last bike leg of the race. After this brief respite on the bike teams faced the last obstacle to the finish, the Slippery Wall. Here the racers had to negotiate themselves up an inclined wall covered in soapy water. The race was decided at the Slippery Wall when both Enduraventure and Team Mighty Dog arrived almost side by side. Team Enduraventure used a better strategy and beat Mighty Dog by 30 seconds to take First Place.

Race Results
Place Team # Team Name/Members Time
1 31 Enduraventure 2:10:07
Allen McAdams, Bryan Goble, Lisa Randal
2 24 Team Mighty Dog 2:10:37
Chip Whitworth, Ardie Olson, Patricia Williams Smith
3 33 Litespeed/Inov-8 Dancing Around the Festivus Pole 2:14:01
Jay Curwen, Monica Curwen, Dan Miller
4 27 Snickers Marathon 2:18:15
Rick Lasater, Bill Fletcher, Jan Gautier
5 42 Frightened Turtles 2:40:54
Toni Rodd, Phil Wendel, Peter Emmons
6 36 Yadda Yadda BONK 2:42:13
Ron Sanders, Jeremy Weiss, Megan Weiss
7 47 Drunk Canunk 2:43:41
Martin Key, John French, Jen Nahodyl
8 16 You don't know Jack 2:45:18
Randy Crump, John Pope, Lynne Crump
9 11 Angry Llamas 2:45:59
Julie Smith, Matt Tumey, Dan Basler
10 4 Team Coupon Carrier 2:48:52
Juan Bustamante, Eric Grifith, Sherilyn Johnson
11 5 Muffin Stumps 2:48:53
Mike Pollock, Lisa Thompson, Lee Cureton
12 43 Heart,Body and Soul 2:49:38
Bruce Novkov, Chris Robinson, Ellen Mohney
13 20 So damm lucky 2:50:15
Kevin Mcclusky, Bryan Galloway, Kristen Timm
14 12 Wild Pigs 2:52:02
Claire Booth, Erik Makus, Joel Svoboda
15 8 GrassRoots Racing 2:52:35
Rachel Butler, Sim Butler, Stephen Jackson
16 28 Team Uromysitysis 2:53:40
Bradley Cobb, Richard Park, Shelly Camp
17 1 Mulva 2:55:23
Bradford Harvey, Rebecca Shearer, Maury Nicely
18 6 Privateer Custom Bicycles 2:57:02
Paul VanKooten, Dale Tillman, Daivd Meeks
19 29 Pedalling Pedagogues 2:57:29
Troy Fitzpatrick, Darcy Liddle, Mark Webb
20 3 Team Pollywog 3:00:21
Sean Gray, Adrian Gray, Doug Whitmoyer
21 2 Larry, Curly & Slow 3:00:35
Larry Harwood, Beth Harwood, Lawson Porter
22 15 Crazed, Dazed & Menopausal 3:01:52
Keith Lilly, Paula Lilly, Paul Miller
23 17 Tarheel Bread 3:03:35
Carla Key, Jason Key, Charlie Kearns
24 49 Just Enough 3:04:07
Kevin Herndon, Tim Davis, Jessica Hacker
25 19 Team Sport Factory 3:04:30
Christie Matte, Tom Matte, Gary Clement
26 10 Ready, Set, Roger will miss Farmer's Swag 3:05:31
Gary Vaughan, Summer Vaughan, TBD
27 39 Rabid Anti-Dentites 3:05:40
Cathi Cannon, Sara Pickerel, Charlie Comiso
28 30 Trojan Trio 3:13:40
Cal Atchley, Taylor Buchanan, Jennifer Gordan
29 32 Master of my Terrain 3:14:30
Dwayne MacInnis, Chrissy MacInnis, Mike Bayer
30 35 Cosmo Kramer and the Proctologists 3:19:21
Greg Highwood, Aaron Wolfe, Annette Butler
31 38 Pork Chops and Applesauce 3:24:20
Traci Martin, Patrick Martin, Buffy Ferguson
32 25 Mead Monks 3:25:24
cyerra crumrine, Justin Schoendorf, Brad Fuhrman
33 26 Stone Doctor's 3:35:15
Jason Wagnon, Heidi White, Jenny Wagnon
34 50 Team Tightwads 3:41:40
Katie Hulsey, Lance Hulsey, Craig Ellison
35 18 Elaine & The Spongeworthies 3:47:32
Robin Launius, Doug Launius, Knox Garmany
36 34 Dr. Love and The Love Monkeys 3:51:09
Milton Love, Randall Love, Kelly Love
37 46 2nd Star to the Right 3:56:45
DeAnne Luck, Mindy Randall, Eric Randall
38 48 Festivus for the Rest of Us 4:06:57
Shayler Rychlick, Jennifer Gardner, Scott Justice
39 23 Razzle Dazzle 4:31:00
Leah Vance, Michael Short, Sasha Saidi
7 2 Bro's and 1 back yard Hoe DNF
Kristin Leffew, Michael Walker, Anthony Paolucci

1 41 Dad 2:36:08
James Hurst, Eric Oliver, David Garvey
2 45 The Bro 2:55:43
Richard Dawkins, Chris Carringer, Steve Burtt
3 40 Dirtballs 2:59:14
Bradford Garvey, Troy Mashburn, Ryan Coverdale
4 37 Bad Lasses 3:03:55
Liz Wattenberg, Kari Lindner, Kate Cook
5 21 Serenity Now 3:07:00
Chapman Womack, Eric Cummings, Patrick Womack
6 9 Priapism 3:16:14
Steve Swann, Steve Thaxton, Andy Baggenstoss
7 22 Tomorrow's first place 3:19:39
Kenneth Radley, Dylan Mantooth, John Woody
8 44 Wolverines 3:19:45
Phillip Pence, Wayne Leg, Matt Ferrari
9 13 The BUFFet Boys 3:25:01
Mitchell Guinn, Phil Cates, Brennan Thompson
10 14 Yahtzee 3:27:06
Katie Pesce, Sallie Wright, Michelle Shekari

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