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Fancy Getting Lost in Finland This September?

Author : Rob Howard
PhotoCredit : Racing at the Lost In Kainuu Adventure Race

Racing at the Lost In Kainuu Adventure Race in Finland

That’s the fun, but slightly challenging, premise of the 'Lost In Kainuu Adventure Race' to be held in the Finnish Kainuu region of Finland later this year.

Of course the challenge is not to get lost … but the 3 races on the programme have the tongue-in-cheek names of; ‘Almost Lost’, ‘Lost’ and ‘Extremely Lost’.

The setting for these races is the Hossa National Park in Northern Finland. It is the countries newest National Park with abundant wildlife, prehistoric sites and remote, untouched scenery. The organisers promise to ensure you find “various ways to progress through vast Finnish wilderness”.

The race has been taking place for a decade now so the organisation is well established and they are expecting up to 450 competitors on September 14/15th.  

The race is particularly well set up to host international competitors, and has a slick and informative website which is fully translated into French, English, German and Russian. It’s also a fully serviced race, including camping or bus transport to the nearest town, with option to include bike and tent hire.

For international visitors the organisers have made it as easy as possible by offering fully inclusive packages to take care of everything except your international flights and these can even be individually tailored. The closest airports are located in Kuusamo (80 km), Kajaani (200 km) and Oulu (240 km away). 

The three categories are for teams of two or three as follows;

  • Extremely Lost is the longest and toughest race for three person teams and it takes approx. 24 hours non-stop to clear the route which consists of about 240-260 kilometres around the Hossa National Park.
  • Lost  is for two person teams and will take around 16-18 hours covering about 180-200 km to complete the course. In this category competitors may sleep during the night at the stop-over place.
  • Almost Lost is a one day race of 6-8 hours covering 80-90 kms for those who want a slightly easier challenge but still want to enjoy the great landscapes and memorable places of Hossa National Park.

All in all it sound like a great set up if you’d like to visit a wild part of Finland to explore and race.

You can find more information at;



Facebook pages:               Endurance Kainuu Events
                                          Lost In Kainuu Hossa Event page



All inquiries:                       lostinkainuu(a)
                                          (Anything about entering, racing travel or packages.)

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