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16hr Days on The Great Himalaya Trail

Author : Press Release
PhotoCredit : RedBull

In what can only be described as a baptism of fire for the two ultra runners, Sandes and Griesel were met with a stark reality: the Great Himalaya Trail is a challenge like no other. That said, they’re all for it and they aren’t going to let the mountains stop them.

We’ve received a voice memo update from the guys after their first day and here’s what they had to say:

Ryan Sandes:

Day 1 – where to start? It was quite an epic day from the start. The town we started from, Hilsa, it’s really remote on the Tibetan border. And, basically, the pass going over is completely snowed in. So, for us to get out today was quite a mission, as we had to get up over the pass and on to the other side, but it was pretty epic to find ourselves on the other side of the pass.

The last 15-20km was really tough and we thought we were making better ground than we really were. We ended up getting into Simikot in the dark, and both of us were pretty broken.

Pretty stoked to have finally started. I think after today it definitely feels a lot more real. I definitely wouldn’t say I’ve underestimated the GHT, but I definitely realised after today, it’s the real deal and it’s going to be really tough. I think the next few days, or two or three weeks are going to be really, really tough, but I’m looking forward to it.

Ryno Griesel:

We now know that Andrew [Porter] did really well. The 28 days is not just an easy given. We’re going to have to work really hard. We did 16 hours today, and we’re going to have to keep hammering at those kinds of hours to be able to break the record. These are huge mountains, so even if you run you don’t cover as much ground as you would like to, just because of the scale.

Having said that, we’re up for the challenge, we’re really enjoying the scenery and we’re working well together, but it is a significant challenge.

Ryan and Ryno are just over two days in and currently holding ground on Porter’s estimated time. The beginning of the run will be the most remote part of their journey.

You can follow the progress of the two runners at

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