Good To-Go Launches Savory Breakfast Hash

Press Release / 07.05.2023

Good to Go, the award-winning dehydrated gourmet meal brand led by acclaimed Chef Jennifer Scism, has introduced a healthy spin on traditional breakfast hash. Using only simple and clean ingredients like butternut squash, spinach, onion, and feta, Good To-Go’s Breakfast Hash is a savory morning meal that’s substantial enough to eat as a complete breakfast and is gluten free and vegetarian

Available at retailers and Good To-Go’s site starting today, the new meal comes in a single serving for $8.60 with 11g of protein and 360 calories.

“A tasty, healthy, fuel-filled breakfast just starts the day off right. I’ve created our new savory Breakfast Hash to ensure you’re ready for whatever adventure lies ahead,” Jennifer Scism, Chef + Founder, Good To-Go.

These days, many of us are expecting better tasting, healthier meals, whether we’re heading into the backcountry, on a road trip, or need a quick lunch at our desk.

Good To-Go was created to elevate expectations of what prepared meals can taste like. Using healthy ingredients you can actually recognize and pronounce, Good To-Go’s dehydrated gourmet meals are not just satisfying, but created with performance and flavor in mind.


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