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Apply Now For The World's Toughest Adventure Race

Press Release / Photo : Red Bull / 03.07.2018

Entries are open for the Red Bull X-Alps 2019

The world’s toughest adventure race kicks off its ninth edition in just over a year - and the tension is already beginning to mount. With each race comes new routes, new limits and most importantly, new athletes. Have you got the skill and resilience to hike and paraglide over 1,000km across the Alps battling the world’s elite? Well, the application phase for Red Bull X-Alps 2019 is now officially open until August 31, 2018. This could be your time to shine!

“The athlete selection process has always been very strict,” says race director Christoph Weber. “The search for the best athletes for Red Bull X-Alps has proven difficult in the past. We have to take into account many factors such as their experience, previous competitive results and their abilities as pilots and mountaineers. Also important is that they have the physical and mental strength required to participate.”

It’s often said that anything can happen and the last edition was a prime example. In 2017, race rookie Benoît Outters battled his way to an incredible 2nd place finish, close on the heels of reigning 5-time champion Chrigel Maurer. It just goes to show that with strength, skill, and focus on both body and mind, the rankings can change as dramatically and as quickly as the weather.

If you’ve got what it takes to play your part in this incredible story, you can apply to compete in the 2019 edition of Red Bull X-Alps. The application phase runs from now until August 31, 2018 and is open to men and women alike. Simply head to the website and fill out the form. The official selection of athletes will be announced on October 16, 2018. To find out which route to battle through, we will all have to wait until March 13, 2019. 

Don’t forget to brace yourself; it’s going to be the adventure of a lifetime, starting June 16, 2019!  We’ll see you out there! 


Red Bull X-Alps 2019 will start June 16 and will be the ninth edition of the world’s toughest adventure race. Approximately 30 world-class athletes will go head to head in a grueling journey across the Alps, covering over 1000km of Alpine terrain by foot and paraglider. Along the way, they’ll stop at a currently undisclosed number of turnpoints in a handful of different countries. With each race comes an entirely new route, bringing even more action than the last. 

Before the main event, a one day prologue race will see athletes jostle for position before a tense and excited audience. The top three finishers will earn themselves an additional Night Pass; allowing them to continue onwards through the mandatory rest period.

2017 was full of surprises with incredible performances from rookies and pros alike. With every single day came rocky ascents, dizzying flights and crucial, strategic decisions to be made. If the last edition was anything to go by, Red Bull X-Alps 2019 is set to be the most dramatic face-off of both new and seasoned talent that the world has ever seen. Who will stand strong in the face of adversity and conquer all to become the champion of Red Bull X-Alps 2019? We’ll soon find out!

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