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USWE Starts Foundation to Support U.S. Events in Covid 19 Crisis

Press Release / 30.03.2020


USWE makes bounce free action backpacks, primarily for mountain bikers, off-road motorcycle riders, trail runners and skiers. USWE is a fast growing and award winning Swedish company. A company built by active people with a great passion and dedication to sports and its global community.


At USWE we noticed the Event Industry being one of the first businesses to be badly affected by the Coronavirus Impact. Events are cancelled in all the USWE sports arenas; Mountainbike, Motosports, Trail Running and Winter Sports. Often these events are run by small businesses, now needing to shut down. We know how you guys are suffering right now. The expectations, dreams and goals for the coming season are put on hold.

Sports events play a very important role for USWE and the sports community. The events support our way of living. Here we meet and hang out. But most importantly, we often set a goal with our training to reach for at the next event.


So, we at USWE put our heads together at the office. What can we do right now, to support the event organizations within the sports we operate within? We want these events to be able to survive, and continue to be a part of our active lifestyle.

We feel for the event organizers. The Coronavirus forced them to stop their businesses from one day to another. Most of these event companies are small companies or family businesses and associations. Their main objective is to provide the best experience they can, for all of us. This is pretty much like our company…


We will therefore support local sports event organizers in the US, by donating $10 for every hydration backpack sold at our official U.S. online store (

We can’t meet you guys at the events right now, but we can still provide you with ”kick-ass” products by online delivery.

We started our donations for every hydration pack sold on the 18th of March, and plan to keep the foundation supported with our online backpack sales until further notice.


USWE is a small company. We are not one of the big corporations with big wallets. Still we are a part of the ”dream factory”, and we really want to make a difference if we can.

We can’t support all sports events, but with your help we can support a few. And together with the industry, we could make a difference.

We truly hope that the sports community will support this initiative! We also hope to see the support from all athletes and weekend warriors out there, as well as for the “big guys” in the industry to follow our example.

This is a little something that we can do to keep the dreams come true in the years to come. Every sold hydration pack counts. We hope to see your contribution and we hope that you will support us. ❤

Thank you!

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