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Heidi Talks Expedition Africa - Podcasts With Heidi Muller of Expedition Africa

Press Release / 27.05.2020
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Heidi Talks Expedition Africa was born during the Covid Lockdown 2020 in RSA.

Days passed at home and I needed to interact and reach out to our adventure friends. We all share the same passions of exploring nature, travel, and the “need” for mountains, which in the current situation are out of bounds.

As you all know I also love connecting with friends, love chatting to people and with over 20 years dedicated to Adventure Racing, the thought of my own “Talk show” was born. The idea grew after more and more encouragement from Stephan and then without pondering too much I asked Simon Faragher of Elevated Adventure Films to make me an intro and Boom we had a show!!   

The aim is to inspire, share different people’s stories and experiences. By listening to us you might remember your own stories and your own moments in a race, and in the process, it might encourage and motivate you to get out there and race again!  I chat with volunteers, media, journalists and local and international racers and teams. It will expose different views to racing and what it means to different people.

I chat to experienced racers that travelled the world, to new kids on the block and to racers that speak other languages (with the help of translators).

The more chats I have, the more I realize that we live in a wonderful world with amazing people. People that can overcome everything. We are the lucky ones to be amongst such positive people.

Adventure racers are an interesting breed and I love you all. We have our own stories, sadness, and obstacles in life. But ultimately, we all seek solace in that racing week. We go into a bubble of racing only we understand.

If you feel that you have an interesting story I need to know about or must share, please let me know and I can include you in my chats. If you have a specific topic you would like to hear more about let me know then I can get a speaker to delve more into that topic. This is exciting and we have no boundaries or limits to what we can create!

The aim is not only to spread the love of adventure racing now while we in lockdown, but a long-term goal to keep on chatting with different people and to keep the dream alive.

I will post every Monday and Thursday a story and please take a moment to listen, to share or to connect with us. This is not only for Adventure Racing people – this is for all outdoor sport lovers and you will find encouragement in each chat!

Stories are on our Facebook page: Kinetic Events Africa Facebook

Published stories thus far:

  1. Donovan Sims 
  2. Francky David
  3. Craig Bycroft 
  4. Nikki Smit
  5. Adam Rose

Stories are also loaded onto the Kinetic EventsYouTube channel: Heidi Talks Expedition Africa

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