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ARGEORGIA Launches US Solo Adventure Racing Championships

Press Release / 20.12.2021See All Event Posts Follow Event
The new US Solo Adventure Racing Champs
The new US Solo Adventure Racing Champs / © ARGEORGIA
  • Event: Adventure Racing Solo Championships
  • Date: August 26-27, 2022
  • Where: Acworth, Georgia USA
  • Length: 24 Hours

The creative team at ARGEORGIA has announced the first ever Adventure Racing Solo Championships after the recent surge of “solo” racers into the sport of adventure racing.

“Solo adventure racing has grown to the point to where we feel the need to create a championship race,” said Jeff Leininger (Founder of ARGEORGIA).

“Adventure Racing as a solo is appealing to many racers who have trouble finding teammates, make last minute decisions to go to an event, and to veterans working on their own skill levels to be a better teammate for other events.

“Orienteering events are solo, so adventure racing can be the next level. We are hoping this idea can grow the sport of adventure racing by allowing a new racer to get a taste before worrying about finding teammates.” Leininger added.

Championship Format:

We are looking to crown the best overall solo adventure racer in the US, who is good at trekking, biking, paddling, navigation and thinking for themselves, and fast. The event will also help racers master these skills to be a better teammate in future races.

The main race will be a 20-hour all-out "Limited Rogaine" battle to locate as many CPs as you can and get to the finish line before the hard cut-off of 20 hours. The top 10 male and top 10 female finishers along with the top 5 male and female masters (45 and over) will have one hour to prepare for the shootout at 3pm.

​Since the race is all solo racers, we will need to separate each solo to prevent teaming up to help each other win.  At the start, each soloist will draw a random opening trek section. 3 different trekking sections are designed at the start of the race to force each soloist to head in different directions. Each soloist will be required to complete all three (A, B, and C) trek maps and all three punches for each section. Think of this as one normal trek section with (9 controls), however, split up into three smaller treks with 3 controls in each trek.

Each trekking section during the race will follow this same format as each soloist comes to a trek, they will be forced to start a different course. Example: The first-place solo comes in from Trek Section "B", they will be given the Trek Section "A" map and punch to head out and complete that section. The second-place solo coming in will be forced to complete Trek Section "B" and then the third-place solo will be given Map "C" and so on. The course design may have the same format during the paddle sections as well. This randomness will ensure that the race remains SOLO.

3-Hour Shootout Concept:

The Top-10 Overall Male and Female solos will receive new maps and instructions for the "100% Rogaine" Shootout at 2:30pm sharp just after the 20-hour race finishes at 2pm. Everything starts over fresh!

They will have 30 minutes to review and prepare to start again as the Shootout will start at 3pm. Equal start for all Shootout racers with your choice on what CPs to get first, in any order for each discipline. The winner of the Shootout will be crowned the Solo National Champion.


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