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The Raid 100 - An XPD Rogaine-Style Adventure Race!

Press Release / Photo : Raid Adventures / 09.04.2019

Trekking with Raid Adventures

The Raid 100 is finally here After the culmination of 18 months of intense planning, the team from Raid Adventures will unveil the course on what could be a world first: an expedition-length, rogaine-format adventure race.

The Rogue Raid 100 will see teams navigate through the traditional adventure racing disciplines of trekking, mountain biking and kayaking. However, unlike a traditional linear adventure race, every check point in the Raid 100 is optional and assigned a score value.

Teams have 100 hours to collect as many of the 100 check points as possible chasing the highest score and line honours. At its core, the Raid100 will still be a journey through the spectacular back country of the Queensland and New South Wales border of Australia. Teams will depart buses from race HQ on the Gold Coast and race back to home over 100 hours.

The rogaine format makes for a very social format of racing as teams are constantly crossing paths out on the course and where the race leaders can often be chasing the back of the pack. Teams on the hunt for a podium place will need to push for the full 100 hours and not take their foot of the pedal as they never know where they stand on the leader board.

In an initiative to promote youth development in the sport, the race is sponsoring a colts team. The Aussie Battlers hail from Canberra, and while they are a young outfit they are starting to rack some big races under their belt including XPD and the Altay ARWS race in China. When asked about his take on the race, team captain Brad Vallette noted; “The rogaine format really is a game-changer! Unlike other races where going faster gets you home sooner, this format guarantees we’re out in the wild for a whole 100 hours, which is pretty daunting. It means teams have to stay very internally motivated to get maximum points in each leg, and we’ll have very little idea of where we’re placed until the end. With the flexibility of route choice there’ll be teams criss-crossing all through the race so it’s going to be crazy and chaotic out there.”

All told, the course extends anywhere over 420km to 667km. With a focus on technical navigation, a diverse range of terrain covered and 100 check points up for grabs, teams are going to be kept on their toes with a good race strategy paying even more dividends then out-right speed and power.

A total of 130 competitors will set off on Tuesday 23 April from an as yet undisclosed location.

There will be a full online spectating experience with satellite tracking of teams, news reports, photos, discussion board and more on the race live site:

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What The Team's Thought After The Race

What The Team's Thought After The Race

What The Team's Thought After The Race


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