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Youth Adventure on Track at GO-4-12

Rob Howard / Photo : GO-4-12 / 12.04.2019

Racing in the GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race

What could be the largest youth Adventure Race in the world is taking place this weekend in New Zealand.

Organised by David and Tans Tait under the 3 Peaks banner the GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race will have 300-400 young competitors across 3 events over the weekend. They come from school and youth groups all across New Zealand and there also 3 visiting Australian teams.

The 12 hour race challenges teams of 4 in year 10 and above, and includes the North Island Secondary School Adventure Racing Championships.

The course includes mountain biking, trekking abseiling, orienteering archery and other surprise challenges and the course won’t be revealed to the teams until the start of the race. The young adventure racers will visit coastal and mountain locations in the only authentic 12 hour adventure race for school children in New Zealand. (All of the teams have a support crew with an adult to help them during the race.)

The race has been taking place for 14 years now and is sponsored by TrackMe.Life, so all the teams carry Spot Gen 3 trackers. (You can follow the race at

As well as the 12 hour race there are also a 6 hour Adventure Race and a 3 hour Explorer race running this year. The 6 hour race is for teams of 4 in year 9 and above and the 3 hour event is an introduction to AR for pairs from year 7 upwards, with no mountain biking on this course.

The racers on the 12 hour event complete both the 3 hour event, which is a foot orienteering race with 15 different challenges along the way, and the 6 hour course.  The remaining 3 hours is spent on a rogaine.

You can find out more about the race at

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What The Team's Thought After The Race

What The Team's Thought After The Race

What The Team's Thought After The Race


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