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GlobalLimits Saõ Tomé – The Hemisphere Crossing

Press Release / 13.02.2020
The islands of Sao Tomé & Principé
The islands of Sao Tomé & Principé / © Globallimits

The anticipation will end soon – ‘GlobalLimits Saõ Tomé – The Hemisphere Crossing’, takes place in just two weeks.  This is a special race prepared for GlobalLimits’ long term supporters and all of our 60 runners (15 of them podium winners) from 27 nations have run in at least two GlobalLimits races in Cambodia, Bhutan, Albania, or Sri Lanka. 

The 200km, 6 stage ultra-running event will take place in the far-flung tropical island of Saõ Tomé between 13-22 February 2020, with the finish right on the equator line.  As the first ultra-running event in the country, GlobalLimits is uncovering the spectacular natural beauty of the island by offering our runners a course dotted with waterfalls, endless chocolate plantations, coconut palm garden, and bamboo forests.  The campsites are set in botanical gardens, on beaches with views of the famous needle shaped volcanic peak called Cão Grande, and in local villages and schools. 

Watch a video animation of the stages:

Who is going to race this time and who might be on the podium?

Xavi Marina (Spain), a champion in all three GlobalLimits race series, will be racing against Frank Johansen (Denmark), who won Albania in 2017 and was 3rd in Bhutan 2019. 

Michael Traub (USA), was on the podium in all three GlobalLimits races, while Peter Osterwalder (Switzerland) was second in Bhutan in 2016.  Loz Wong (UK) was 3rd in Bhutan 2017 while Colin Harper (UK) had a very strong performance in Cambodia last year and has been training in Fuerteventura in the last few months, so is a racer to watch. 

In the lady’s category, we welcome back Véronique Messina (France), winner of our races in Bhutan, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.  She is joined by Christina Khinast (Austria), a 5 times GlobalLimits podium winner. Our Africa representative, Belinda van der Riet (South Africa), a two times podium winner is also one of the contenders, along with Ruthann Sheahan (Ireland) and Sharon Harper (UK). 

We are grateful for the tremendous support we have received from the government and local businesses of Saõ Tomé and Principé.  For example, Valúdo (, the company that produces organic, fair-trade, premium quality coconut oil on the island, is actively supporting the local runners and the race logistics.  Thank you very much!

Engaging the community is part of GlobalLimits’ tradition and two local athletes, Ismael Tavarez and Júlio Pereira, will be competing in the race.  Upon completion, they will be the first in their country to experience and complete an ultra-running event. 

At the same time GlobalLimits is also supporting the Filhos project (  Filhos is a project supported by Reál Madrid which improves the quality of life and inspires children in Sao Tomé & Principé through sports. 

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