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The Adventure Racing World Championships – Final Classification

Rob Howard / 11.10.2021See All Event Posts Follow Event
The winners at ARWC 2021
The winners at ARWC 2021 / © Raid Gallaecia

A week after the start in Monforte de Lemos, A Coruña said goodbye to the Adventure Racing World Championship, with a party to celebrate the achievements of all the racers, held on the finish line on the O Parrote esplanade.

The last team across the line were Peña Guara-Sherpa with a total time of 6 days, 23 hours and 47 minutes, finishing just 13 minutes before the midday course closure, and crossing the line as the last of 45 full course finishers in the race.  (However, they did later move up a place as the Puerto Guardés-Vizhoja-Cornelios Restaurant team had a penalty applied.)

In the afternoon it was time for the closing ceremony, which included a video summary of the race, and an emotional video tribute to the much loved World Champion racer Emma Roca, who passed away this year.  There were also presentations by all the 2022 AR World Series races, introduced by Heidi Muller, and a speech by the Tourism Minister of Panama, which will host a new ARWS race, the first of next year’s programme, in February.

Nick Gracie also spoke about next year’s AR World Championship at Expedicion Guarani in Paraguay. He is a British racer who has completed all 6 editions of the race, and said, “I’ve raced 50 expedition races, all over the world, and Paraguay is the best place of all to hold an adventure race. The scenery, technical courses and above all the welcome from all the people is amazing. Adventure Racing is a big sport in Paraguay and people come out of their houses everywhere to support you. I’d urge everyone to try racing there at least once, and the World Championships is the perfect opportunity.

Mónica Martínez, Councilor for Sports of A Coruña; José Tomé, president of the Lugo County Council; Cristina Capelán, deputy for Sports of A Coruña; Ana Cherchi, brand manager of Augas Estrella Galicia, and Antonio Cortés, CSR director of Gadisa, were in charge of delivering the awards.

The Race Director, Pablo López Franco, thanked the support and commitment of all the sponsors and partners who made the Raid Gallaecia-AR World Championship 2021 possible.

“It all started with a group of friends who are adventure runners. We were the first Galician race that entered the Spanish League and, four editions later we entered the World Series, it is an honour for us to finish this project by hosting the Adventure Racing World Championship. ” He said.

López Franco recalled the added difficulty of organizing an international event with covid restrictions: “It is clear that in times of pandemic it is very difficult to organize a race of this type, but I have to thank the entire adventure community for the response that we have had.” Muller said in her speech it was a miracle the race had been able to take place and with so many international teams.

The first five teams were presented with their awards on the stage and received a long standing ovation, but the night belonged to all who made this such an amazing World Championships.

The final rankings were as follows;

Swedish Armed Forcers Adventure Team SWE 4d02h01m43s
Estonian ACE Adventure-La Sportiva EST 4d05h54m34s
NIAR Adventure Racing Team SWE 4d07h37m46s
Torpedo Vidaraid ESP 4d10h50m59s
Black Hill CZE 4d12h29m51s ESP 4d12h50m25s
Team FMR FRA 4d13h01m49s
Orbital Adventure Racing SWE 4d13h58m25s
Endurance ESP 4d15h50m58s
10 Red Fox Adventure RUS 4d23h34m04s
11 BOA Brazil Multisport BRA 5d01h48m15s
12 Team Mareld Adventure FIN 5d02h15m23s
13 Team Nordisk DEN 5d03h11m51s
14 Seiklushunt-HoneyPower EST 5d06h17m16s
15 Gymcity AR POL 5d06h52m54s
16 UK Adventurers GBR 5d07h09m33s
17 Tracktherace Adventure Team ESP 5d08h16m09s
18 Greener Adventure Team SWE 5d09h13m59s
19 Team Endurancelife 1 GBR 5d09h35m13s
20 Keltoi Balaena ESP 5d08h51m11s
21 Sweco Adventure SWE 5d13h51m26s
22 Life Adventure Imptek ECU 5d13h55m00s
23 Movistar-Terra Aventura ECU 5d15h38m50s
24 Team Bend Racing USA 5d16h56m17s
25 Bosi Adventure Team COL 5d17h15m42s
26 Nantes Aventures FRA 5d19h45m35s
27 Absolu Raids 46 FRA 5d19h55m49s
28 Uppsala Multisport SWE 5d20h10m34s
29 Team Racing Denmark DEN 5d21h57m13s
30 Snowdog Trail POL 5d22h07m42s
31 Valmoraid FRA 6d01h26m51s
32 Nutrisport-Tecfilter-Vizhoja-Cornelios ESP 6d04h38m28s
33 Quest USA 6d05h32m43s
34 Kiwami FRA 6d05h58m35s
35 Buval Belgium BEL 6d05h59m23s
36 Sud Raid FRA 6d07h37m27s
37 Grupo Gallardo-Aromon ESP 6d08h00m30s
38 Colombia Outdoors COL 6d09h59m19s
39 Aventura Xperience-Trangoworld ESP 6d11h26m51s
40 Team Life Experience FRA 6d10h35m01s
41 Strong Machine AR USA 6d17h45m44s
42 SEO Ciclos Ordes ESP 6d18h40m19s no completó el kayak
43 Budiño Raid-Concello do Porriño ESP 6d23h01m51s penalización de 1h
44 Peña Guara-Sherpa ESP 6d23h47m00s penalización de 1h
45 Restaurante Puerto Guardés-Vizhoja-Cornelios ESP 6d17h48m53s no completó el kayak

46 Adeorun Adventure FRA 5d00h19m00s
47 Freemind Italia ITA 5d02h54m29s
48 Team Gallaecia Okira ESP 5d12h58m51s
49 FRA 6d00h47m57s no completó el kayak

50 VAC Ultra Sports GER 4d16h10m10s
51 Team Belgium BEL 5d01h05m16s
52 Pes Negros ESP 5d06h03m39s
53 DAR Dingle IRE 5d07h01m53s
54 Aromon ESP 5d08h38m01s
55 SenSeny Bubba Gump ESP 5d16h06m59s

56 Team K2 GBR 5d09h28m33s CP11
57 USA Adventure Kidney USA 5d07h01m53s CP11
58 Budiño Raid-Concello do Porriño 2 ESP 6d09h10m35s CP11
59 Gallaecia Ciclos Quintena ESP 4d14h09m59s equipo incompleto
60 Cousas Novas-Vilanova Raid ESP 4d14h59m21s equipo incompleto
61 Team XPD Holland NED 4d18h19m41s compitió con 4 hombres
62 GallaeciaRaid Aventura ESP 4d23h18m43s T1
63 400team Naturex FRA 5d01h37m30s equipo incompleto
64 ESP 5d07h34m15s equipo incompleto
65 Team Nativos Colombia COL 5d10h16m28s compitió con 3
66 Tierra de Barros Itaca ESP 5d17h12m00s rescue
67 Silice Itaca Aventura ESP 6d07h59m31s rescue
68 Vertical III ESP 6h10h37m26s equipo incompleto
69 Tapridel Priego de Córdoba ESP 6d12h20m05s no completó el kayak / equipo incompleto
70 Talleres Mingos-Biziebike-Vizhoja-Cornelios ESP 6d22h58m00s equipo incompleto
71 MRC Mac Parkman Foundation USA equipo incompleto

72 Teenek Racing Mexico MEX
73 Hoka One One FRA
74 Salomon/Suunto CZAR team CZE
75 Adventure Trophy by POL
76 Afodeporte ESP
77 Euskalraid ESP
78 Imperdible ESP
79 Vinobike Cron ESP
80 Blizzard RUS
81 Beskidy Adventure Race Team POL
82 Team Delta Denmark DEN
83 Avallon Groupe Sureau-ASL Raid FRA
84 Udaberri-Betibilbo ESP
85 Fluvial Lugo-Os Barbas ESP
86 USWE Adventure Team SWE
87 Puppy AR SWE
88 Raiders of the Lost Arc ISR
89 ExtremaRaid Alcor ESP
90 La Clásica ESP

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