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Tour de Jämtland

Mia Renz / 04.07.2009See All Event Posts Follow Event
The Racers have often said that they appreciate a big crowd cheering them on when the race. And when the teams late at Friday night reached the Midadventure in Ljungandalen they were not disappointed. A huge crowd was waiting on the beach. The racers landed in a gigantic party.

The teams swam on to the beach filled with people whom took great interest in everything they did. And at the same time the summer party was in full swing, with beertents, live music and disco. In the air there was a helicopter flying over the scene the whole time.

Apparently the racers was effected by the happy crowd and the party, for in spite of having raced all day they were in really good mood when they started the 256 kilometer long bike ride “Tour of Jämtland�. The route was free of choise and the teams could go on roads almost all the way into the mountains towards Norway.

"Now the race begins", said Team Areva-Pure Energy Henrik Pilvinge with a big smile just before he entered his bike.

But the tough start sets it's tracks. The hard pace have come as a chock for several contestants. That such a long race starts in a furious tempo like this is a surprise. But Lundhags shows a tremendous winning attitude, and puts the pace for those who wants to follow. Competition is tight, horse and very focused.

FJS, Salomon Multitude, Areva, Adventureteam.dk teams up and works togheter to try to catch leading team Lundhags, that lay a mere 10 km in front.

“It´s tough to bike in the morning at 4-5 with the sun in the face� says Martina Höök Team Lundhags ass they just have taken a powernap. Sonny Pettersson is the hammer in the front with a big smile on his face and send a regard to Mom, Dad and Sara.

During the night the team continued the race by a 256 kilometer long bike ride. Lundhags Adventure was the first team to reach the Mountaineering- and Ropework-section. Almost neck to neck the leading teams, Lundhags, Multitude Salomon, FJS, Team Areva and Adventure Team.dk, went out on the long mountaineering section calculated to 17,5 h.

In the back, Yoga Slackers signed out from TA3 at the same time and just in front of them is Blåkläder/Ballograf and Team Issy Adventure. But this early in the race, 16 teams is fairly close to each other and it’s a long way still to race.

The Danish team Adventure Team.de toke a nap at TA 4. They liked the course so far but were a little bit disappointed that the bike ride was just a bike ride and not so much of bike orienteering. The Danes have two fresh European champions in just bike orienteering and sees bike riding as one of their strengths. At the same time they were impressed by Lundhags, who could hold out for the chasing teams.

The Danes thought they had made a small mistake: They brought a long lights, but did not need them – the night in north Sweden this time of the year is fairly bright.

Team Statkraft was the third team to enter the mountaineering-section. They made a fairly quick stop at the TA 4, where they had something to eat before they took off towards the mountains. They feel great and are in very good mood. Regarding the 256 kilometer long bike ride “Tour of Jämtland� they said: “It was a nice little bike leg.�

The polish team Speleo Salomon is struggling on the course. They think it´s hard but seem to have a good time as well. When arriving at TA 4 after a long night in the saddles they got the question if they have had a good time, “Crazy time� they answered.

After a hole night on the bikes, team Rejlers-Kolmården made a rather cocky statement with a glint in the eye they, “It could well have been a few miless more so one got used to it.�

At this time 16 teams is out on the mountaineering section, three teams enjoys Tour of Jämtland and Team Merrell Haglöfs Multimania withdrawn due to an old injury.

After 30 hour nonstop racing the Monster is starting to take its toll. The teams are getting is getting a bit sore, something that became obvious on the mountaineering.

Obviously the nights bikeride was a very tough section and now many teams are in great need of rest. But two teams is still in good shape, at least better than most of their competitors. Not surprisingly it is Lundhags and FJS.

Maybe they found some strength in the scenery. It was a lovely day in the mountains with beautiful weather and lots and lots of reindeers.

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