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About Sleepmonsters is managed and operated by Richard Brown and Rob Howard with bases in London and Leicester. We're helped by a great team of volunteer editors and reporters, principally Anne-Marie Dunhill, Carrick (Pyro) Armer and Adam Rose.

Adam Rose, Rob and Carrick (Pyro) Armer

Above: Adam, Rob, and Carrick; Bottom Left: Rob and Richard; Bottom Right: Anne-Marie

Rob and RichardAnne-Marie Dunhill

Richard and Rob met while working for an outdoor retail site in the first dotcom boom, and helped them spend millions of pounds of investor's cash. Richard built the website and Rob was the editor and began writing about the newish sport of adventure racing. At Rob's prompting this lead to the website sponsoring an elite UK team and the first ever expedition race staged in the UK.

After the boom lead to inevitable bust, Rob realised Adventure Racing would be an 'internet sport' and a website around all things adventure racing could work. Richard and Rob got together to start; one writing code, the other news and race reports.

We'd gone from multi-million pound website operation in plush London offices to back-bedroom, penniless start-up! Of the two, SleepMonsters is much more fun, and has lasted much, much longer, than the start-up that got us together in the first place.

Where did the SleepMonsters Name & Logo Come From?

Looking for a website name about the emerging sport of Adventure Racing (in 2001) we came across the term 'sleepmonsters' - used by expedition racers to describe an extreme state of sleep deprivation and fatigue, resulting in strange, and often entertaining, hallucinations.

The idea of a name which described how you felt when pushed to your absolute limits appealed, so we put 'SleepMonsters' into Google ... and got a big fat zero responses. We had a name for our website which was appropriate and unique!

It would also work in just about any language and was memorable, even if it was an odd name to those who didn't understand the context!

Our friend Guy Allwork then came up with our great monster logo and designed our first website.

What is All About?

The site began in 2002 to cover adventure racing which was growing fast following the T.V. coverage of Eco-Challenge. Over the years the sport has continued to develop and change, so now we still cover 'adventure racing', but that means a whole lot more than it used to!

If a sport is off-road, has a spirit of adventure, requires endurance and is human powered, then it will find a place on SleepMonsters.

Our values and aims at SleepMonsters are to be inclusive, independent and fair in our coverage, and to provide a professional service in what is primarily an amateur sport. We like to think we've been around so long as a result of sticking to those values, and because we've shown some of the qualities of an adventure racer; team work and endurance. We've stuck together and just kept going!

The Details: Ltd. is a U.K. registered company (no. 06580011) with registered offices at;
Sleepmonsters Ltd.
19 Hinckley Road,
Stoney Stanton,


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