ARWS BRAZIL SERIES: A National Circuit in Brazil Joins the Adventure Racing World Series

Press Release / 29.01.2024
Competing in the Malacara Race
Competing in the Malacara Race

The new ARWS Brazil Series is the first competitive national circuit to join the Adventure Racing World Series.  The ARWS Brazil Series features four epic races across different Brazilian regions, and the results will be incorporated into the ARWS South America Series for 2024.

The series consists of 4 of the most prestigious races in Brazil, staged by the country’s most experienced Race Directors and supported by the CBCA (Confederação Brasileira De Corrida De Aventura).  The move is recognition of Brazil as one of the most active adventure racing countries, with a strong calendar and one of the biggest adventure racing communities in South America and the world.

Teams competing in the ARWS Brazil Series will earn rankings points towards both the ARWS South America ranking and the 2024 CBCA rankings (RBCA).  The final results of the Brazil Series will count as a single score in the ARWS South America rankings.

Teams will be racing for the ARWS Brazil title and the chance to compete in the ARWS South American Championship, where the winners go on to compete in the Adventure Racing World Championship.  (The current ARWS South America Champions are Team Brazil Multisport, who are also the #2 world ranked team and standard bearers for Brazilian adventure racing internationally.)

The final positions will be decided by counting the three scores across the races, which each take place in a different region of the country.  (Brazil is much bigger than Europe, and there are 9 races in the 2024 ARWS Europe Series!)

There are also big prizes to be won for competing teams, to reward their spirit of adventure and their commitment to adventure racing.  The top two teams will receive free entry to the South America Championship 2024, which will be held at Charruá Extremo in Uruguay, and to the Malacara Expedition Race 2025, the ARWS Qualifier in Brazil. (The winners get first choice.)

The first race will be Guerreiros Naventura from 23-24 March.  The 180km race will take place from the coastal city of Maceió in the province of Alagoas with Paulo Omena as the Race Director.

Next is The Haka Expedition, which is one of the countries longest established races, and promises an exhilarating journey through multiple settlements in the interior region of Sao Paulo.  The race always attracts a big entry and showcases Brazil's breathtaking landscapes, drawing on 16 years of tradition and expertise.  This year the race will cover 250km and be based in Ribeirão Pires from 30 May - 02 June.

Third in the series is BOA – Brazil Outdoor Adventure staged by Race Directors Pedro Lavinas and Arnaldo Maciel from 28-30 June.  The 120km race has a wonderful location in the Chapada dos Veadeiros in the central Brazilian state of Goiás.

Last in the series is the Malacara Race from 11-12 October.  This is not the expedition length race, but a shorter, 150km Malacara Race, taking place from Garopaba, on the coast of Santa Catarina.  Benito Brocca will be the Race Director, and will take teams on a journey along the coast and beaches, and into the forests of the interior.

Working with established race directors and the CBCA, the ARWS Brazil Series is coordinated by Samuel J. Eloy and designed to integrate seamlessly into the global ARWS circuit, being part of the South America Series and enhancing Brazil's presence in the world of adventure racing.  Samuel will play a key role in the media and TV production of the series on , and the series also partners with the Brazilian hub for adventure sports run by ARWS Hall of Fame member Wladimir Togumi.

About Adventure Race World Series (ARWS)

Adventure Race World Series (ARWS) is a global series of adventure races that pushes the limits of human endurance and showcases the world's most stunning and challenging landscapes. The ARWS Brazil Series adds a vibrant new dimension to the ARWS South America Series, which also includes races in Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina and Ecuador.  The Adventure Racing World Championship will take place at the Huairasinchi race in Ecuador in November this year.

About Samuel J. Eloy

Drawing on a wealth of entrepreneurial experience in the sports industry, Samuel J. Eloy not only serves as a high-performance athlete for Salomon Brazil but also produces VI-VENDO.TV/ADVENTURAR, a YouTube show committed to weaving together people, nature, and culture through riveting adventure race stories. His multifaceted involvement in the circuit expands as he takes on the role of the manager for the ARWS Brazil Circuit.

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