International Adventure Racing Association Achieves Initial Goals in its first Six Months

Press Release / 10.07.2024
IARA has been busy during it's first 6 months
IARA has been busy during it's first 6 months / © IARA (International Adventure Racing Association)

The International Adventure Racing Association (IARA) was established in December 2023 by the global Adventure Racing community. The interim committee has been working to establish the new association. They hosted their first open meeting in May, inviting country representatives to attend and to listen in to updates from the organisation’s working groups. 


The Membership working group has been one of IARA’s most active groups as they are building the organisation’s membership structure and validation process.

During May and June, the group tested their membership validation process in consultation with developed and less developed national organisations. Through this testing, the group has been able to learn about different organisation structures as no two are alike, and from this they have refined their processes.

The Membership Statutes were endorsed by the IARA committee in June 2024 and include four categories - Full Members, Provisional Members, Observer Members and Associate Members. Further details on each of these categories can be viewed on the Membership page on the IARA website

IARA has begun to reach out to National Adventure Racing organisations, country representatives, and related organisations to invite them to submit applications. 

IARA has the support of Adventure Racing national organisations and communities in numerous countries. It was with their backing that IARA was formed. IARA’s application structure is an official process to validate members, and to support and assist Observer and Provisional Members to achieve Full Membership status as voting members in this organisation.


The Organisation working group is tasked with looking at the big picture, overseeing the working groups, creating plans and strategies, and building good governance systems for the association. They meet after each committee meeting to look at actions for the month ahead and to review the progress of the working groups.

They have begun investigating the registration of IARA, drafting a budget, and considering funding avenues.


The Media working group was especially busy during the first three months of the year. They set up the organisation’s domain, email, website, Facebook page, and Instagram profile.

They also worked with Designer & Brand Strategist Fletcher Hamel, an adventure racer from Utah, USA, to create IARA’s logo and brand elements. (Read more in this announcement)

Also under this portfolio is the publication of IARA’s Meeting Minutes on the organisation’s website. Initially in English, meeting minutes will now also be published in Spanish.  

Media’s next area of focus will be in creating regular updates for the Adventure Racing countries and communities in short-format video.

Rules & Referees 

IARA’s role is to publish fundamental guidelines that support the ‘Rules Hierarchy’. This hierarchy involves respecting rules from National bodies, Series co-ordinators and events, that will be specific for the country, disciplines, land permissions, seasons, parks and safety at that event.

IARA keeps up with international rules around doping, and developments in technology that could impact (positively or negatively) our sport to communicate to their members.

IARA also has a valuable role as a repository of situation and rule infringement case studies from which all referees, race directors and participants can learn. These case studies will show how infringements were handled by referees as precedents to resolve similar situations in the future.


IARA will be able to provide Race Directors with safety guidelines that should be considered to aid their event planning. IARA values maintaining the freedom and creativity that Race Directors have always had, but where safety is always regarded.

The Safety working group’s objective is to build a precise document of guidelines and safety considerations, with sections on each discipline, that can be improved and added to over time.

IARA will also serve as a repository and reference of safety incidents that have occurred at races historically and ongoing. These cases may prove useful in identifying and mitigating risks, as well as building statistical evidence for organisations and Race Directors seeking insurance for events.

Sustainability / Environment 

The Sustainability / Environment working group is calling for people with specific interest and experience in sustainability and environmental issues as applied to adventure racing (wilderness / transitions / impact) to join this group. Contact IARA directly to express your interest and availability.

Achieving goals in the first six months

IARA is still a fledgling association focused on building their foundation structures. Collectively, the committee and working groups have progressed, achieving goals within their first six months. Their work is ongoing. IARA’s services now and in the future will be shaped by their members and the needs of the Adventure Racing community that it represents.

“We are very happy with the progress made in these first six months,” says IARA chairperson Cormac MacDonnell. 

“Membership validation is our current focus, with the other working groups continuing their work and providing support.”

Minutes from all IARA committee meetings can be downloaded from their website (Inside IARA > Meeting Minutes & Notes)


International Adventure Racing Association

Facebook and Instagram: @internationaladventureracing 

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