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Martin Hardy et Danny Déry-Chamberland Win The 2018 Raid international Gaspésie

Author : Press Release

PhotoCredit : RIG

Date Posted : 2018/09/10

The Winners!

It is in an atmosphere of meditation that the start of the third and final day of the Raid International Gaspésie was held this morning in the Micmac community of Gesgapegiag. Five minutes before the start scheduled at 5 am, the athletes of the 300 km gathered around a fire to recollect to the sound of a traditional Micmac song. The 150 km athletes were able to see a magnificent sunrise before starting the race in a canoe at 7 am.
The cold and fatigue did not slow down the ardor of the racers who then had to go to the top of Mount St. Joseph to discover a section of rope hanging in the air at 555 meters above sea level.
The strong emotions of the day were certainly lived during the sporting events at the Carleton-sur-Mer wharf. Nearby the finish line, the adventure racers had to jump into the sea from the end of a fire truck ladder and then swim back to the dock. And it did not stop there! The athletes then had to jump on a pendulum to find themselves once again in the water, swim to the control point that was on a fishing boat, and then return to the dock.
To mark the end of this wild adventure, they walked on the beach adjacent Parc des Horizons to cross the finish line in front of a large number of spectators who came to enjoy the nice weather and warmly welcome them. The athletes are unanimous: this course is the most difficult of the last five years, both in terms of sporting disciplines and orienteering in the forest.
Cumulative results:
For the 150 km :
3rd place : Produits naturels Mondias (Marc Leblanc et Raphaël Cyr) – 19:30:36.
2nd place : Pabok (Rémi Castilloux et Alex Clément) – 18:55:54.
1st place :  Les Charlots - Cartier Énergie Éolienne (Antoine Moses et Raphaël Arsenault) – 18:27:04.
For the 300 km :
3rd place :   Volkswagen et Kia New Richmond (Daniel Barriault et Jano Poirier) – 23:46:35.
2nd place :  100aB7 (Lyne Bessette et Martin Lacasse) – 22:53:33.
1st place :   Sport Expert St-Raymond/Espresso Sport (Martin Hardy et Danny Déry-Chamberland) -   22:53:31.
The entire Raid international Gaspésie team would like to congratulate all the athletes and see you next year in Carleton-sur-Mer from September 12 to 15

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