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CamelBak Epic Camí de Cavalls 360° Ready To Go

Press Release / Photo : Oiriol Batista / 09.03.2019

On the Epic Cami de Cavalls 360

The CamelBak Epic Camí de Cavalls 360° takes place on the island of Menorca. It is now a well-established event, and this is the fifth race. The three stages of this unique running or cycling race for pairs will take place on 8, 9 and 10 March 2019.

Participants have had unforgettable experiences over the years which has led to increased interest in the race. From 2018 to 2019 the number of participants has grown by 50%. All the places for the teams of runners were filled over six months ago (by the end of August 2018). The quota for teams of bikers was filled by January 2019.

This year a total of 322 brave individuals will experience “an island, three stages, and an epic adventure", as well as sharing an unforgettable experience with a team-mate and with the rest of the participants. It is this spirit that characterises the race - a race which also allows you to discover some of Menorca’s fantastic landscapes.

It is worth highlighting the support provided by the Menorca Tourism Promotion Foundation, which will be the main sponsor of the event for the second consecutive year. The Foundation has a strategic and decisive commitment to sports tourism and events such as the CamelBak Epic Camí de Cavalls 360°.

13 Countries Represented

In the 2019 CamelBak Epic Camí de Cavalls 360° there will be participants from 13 different countries. The race is not just for a professional elite. However, there will be some remarkable names on the start line. For example, Álex Urbina and Javi Pons (winners of the 2018 race) did not want to miss out. In addition, the professional biking team, comprised of Lukas Kaufmann from Germany and Sönke Wegner from Switzerland, is coming over to enjoy the experience. You will also be able to see two top trail runners, Núria Picas and Pau Bartoló, pedalling their mountain bikes.

The Camí de Cavalls

The Camí de Cavalls (GR-223) follows the largely unspoiled coastline of Menorca which features many small coves and remote corners. In some sections, the Camí diverts away from the sea and heads inland. It passes through wetlands, farmland, forests and ravines. The Camí showcases the great diversity of the island’s landscapes and ecosystems.

In addition, the Camí de Cavalls allows you to discover part of Menorca’s rich ethnological, historical and cultural heritage which is centred around the ubiquitous dry-stone walls. Their origins are unclear, and they are featured in many legends. They possibly date from the 14th century cavalries who were in charge of the defence of the island.

By the 21st century, the 360° Camí de Cavalls had become an internationally recognized route for hiking, trail running and mountain biking.

3 stages - 3 disciplines

The CamelBak Epic Camí de Cavalls 360° course is divided into three stages on three consecutive days and is largely based on the route of the Camí de Cavalls. At the end of each stage, the race family will meet for a briefing and for a dinner where there will be the chance to exchange anecdotes from the day. The overnight stay will be in Es Mercadal. Each stage consists of three slightly different routes. They are all designed specifically for each of the three categories: Trail Run, Mountain Bike and Experience.

Stage 1 (Trail Run: 44.8 km and 549 m of altitude; Mountain Bike: 64.3 km and 936 m; Experience: 33 km and 526 m) on Friday 8 March, starts in Ciutadella (Artrutx for the Experience category) and finishes in Es Migjorn Gran. Initially, it covers western Menorca, before continuing through the more untouched southern part of the island. This area is characterized by limestone scenery, fine white sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees and numerous deep ravines that add character to the landscape. The final part of the route is in the Binigaus gorge. Ciutadella, Cap d'Artrutx, Son Saura, Macarella, Cala Galdana and Binigaus are some of the section’s reference points.

Stage 2 (Trail Run: 58 km and 1,188 m; Mountain Bike: 67 km and 1,329 m; Experience: 33.5 km and 855 m) on Saturday 9 March, will take participants from Calespiques (Camí del Pilar for the category Experience) to Es Mercadal. It is a stage of marked contrasts with landscapes of real character and a wild coastline guarded only by the isolated lighthouses of Punta Nati and Cavalleria. It is probably the most demanding and enthralling stage of the race. It runs along the calcareous platform of northwest Menorca, passing through places such as Cala Morell, Es Alocs or Binimel·là.

Stage 3 (Trail Run: 51.9 km and 841 m; Mountain Bike: 51.9 km and 841 m; Experience: 36 km and 539 m) on Sunday 10 March, runs from the port of Maó (Es Grau for the Experience category) to Es Mercadal. The first section leaves the Camí de Cavalls, but then rejoins the path to enter the Albufera des Grau Natural Park, the most important nature reserve on the island. The last part of this section also deviates from the Camí de Cavalls. Highlights include Favàritx and S'Arenal d'en Castell.

Race and Finish Line Changes

Those who remember the route of last year’s CamelBak Epic Camí de Cavalls 360°, will be able to confirm that there have been minimal changes. The changes that have been made, have been done to improve the experience. For this reason, participants in the Mountain Bike category will not ride up to the Cavalleria lighthouse in the second stage. Roadworks are scheduled here. In addition, this year, the number of sections for the bikers has been changed from four to two. On the other hand, the length of the asphalt section prior to the finish line of the third stage has been reduced.

With regards to the finish line, the location has been changed. It is now at Es Mercadal. The CamelBak Epic Camí de Cavalls 360° family moves from the usual Pare Camps square to a new location in the Peu de Toro car park, located at the foot of Mount Toro, the highest point in Menorca (360m).

Follow us live

A video-summary of each stage will be available here: Canal Youtube de Camí de Cavalls 360º

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Epic Cami de Cavalls 360

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