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SwimRun NC 2019 race report

Press Release / 20.11.2019

All suited up and ready to "race"!
All suited up and ready to "race"! /

SwimRun Lake James in 2018 might have been the first swimrun that we did, but SwimRun NC was the race that first got me interested in swimrun. One of the features of the race is that they get some AMAZING photographers to come out and take pictures of the course and of the race, and when I saw some of those pictures after SRNC 2017, I fell in love.

It's also intimidating as hell, because it's a tough, run-heavy course, and they want to make sure everyone who signs up is ready for this challenge. So we started with Lake James, which is still tough, but swim-heavy, which plays more to our strengths. It was a great race for us to get our feet wet, literally and figuratively. But we knew we wanted to do NC at some point.

It was too close to Ironman Arizona 2018 to even consider (just kidding, Trista totally wanted to do it, but I'm the Adult in our swimrun partnership, and I said I didn't think we could give it the proper training it deserved, even if Coach Karen somehow gave us permission to do it), but Trista was able to go out and volunteer at the 2018 race, and check it out a bit. And also get us an in for 2019, because volunteering at the race gets you a spot in next year's race (I mean, assuming you otherwise meet their qualifications, which we hoped we did).

And so we registered for SRNC 2019! And a couple months before the race, we secured the services of one Coach Kristen, primarily in preparation for Rockman 2020 (I suppose I'll post about that eventually, but yes, we're registered for Rockman 2020 in Norway), but Kristen also has a ton of experience with SRNC that could help us get ready. And after a lot of swimrun bricks, strength workouts, and some stairs, we showed up at Hanging Rock State Park, NC, ready to run through some waterfalls, climb up a billion steps, and hopefully finish!

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